Hello 2022

Here we are past the mid-point of January 2022 and Christmas long gone. Ours was a quiet one, just the two of us with no fuss or fills. And no New Year resolutions either, we didn’t even stay up to see it in. Enough of the past, it is the present and the future we now look to. Still under Covid restrictions here in the UK, but they seem destined to be dropped in two weeks’ time as, hopefully, we are past the tipping point and all looking forward to a normal life slowly returning.

It’s been an odd sort of start to this year for me. There’s plenty I want to get on with or make a start on but the motivation has been a little lacking. I think that was in part knowing that last week the house would be in a mess as we were having replacement windows fitted upstairs which would mean my office/studio would be out of action for a day, or so I thought. It transpired it was a no-go zone for 3 days – no writing or painting done. Instead, I busied myself washing curtains and window blinds ready to be rehung. The work now finished, we are pleased with the results, already feeling and enjoying the benefits of triple glazing.

My art group recommenced two Fridays ago, which I had been looking forward to. I had disciplined myself over the Christmas break to keep my paints and brushes firmly in their boxes, concentrating solely on working on my nearly complete next novel. I managed to achieve a lot but I did miss not painting. Two weeks have gone by and still I have not started a new piece; not because I am lacking any ideas, indeed, I have at least three pictures I want to do. No, the reason being we have gathered 12 new artists into our group, most of whom are absolute beginners, which has entailed many of us mentoring the new starters in our respective disciplines.

With all this happening, I am having to be strict with myself. Writing of a morning and evening (mostly), art things of an afternoon if the light good, and weekends for wherever my mood takes me. The brushes and paints are now back out, a new block of canvas paper delivered, so I am set to start this afternoon as the light is brilliant today. The sun is out, although low, the sky blue and cloudless, cold but pleasant now the frost has dissipated enough for me to take a walk around the garden to see what is happening. Lots of bulbs are coming up and on the front lawn, the first of the crocus are up and almost out, tiny mauve ones. They are late this year, we often have them open on New Year’s Day. And the snowdrops are about to burst open. In a few weeks’ time the daffodils and hyacinths will be out along the hedge. Yay! Spring is on its way. Things can only get better from here.

Many also have asked how George, my great-nephew is getting on so why not pop across to my recent post on Over the Backyard Fence where you can find out what he has been up to in an inspirational video featuring this special boy who is clearly loving life despite his disabilities.

If you would like to guest on Kit Domino’s World, be it about books and writing or reading etc for Kit’s Library, or to share your hobbies, interests, music, in fact anything about Loving Life, please contact me through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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