Anna Shenton – A Little Inspiration

I’m so pleased to have as my guest this week on Loving Life, author and artist: ANNA SHENTON, an inspiration to us all!

I am delighted to have been invited as a guest to your lovely blog/magazine, Kit. It’s a real pleasure to be here and I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

A bit about me.

I live in Staffordshire, with my retired hubby Bryn, who puts up with my writing and drawing passions, bless him.

My two grown up sons have well flown the nest and I decided to take a home study course which led to publications in various magazines, including Writer’s Forum. My flair to write continued into fiction where I enjoy creating many wonderful characters and story plots. Family life experience is my book of inspiration, often creeping into my stories. I independently published my debut novel, short story collection, writing for beginners, and my most recent Historical Romance novella series.

I love to write and draw from home and in my caravan when enjoying travels, it’s so relaxing looking out across some spectacular views, coast and countryside.

That’s enough about books, now for a little inspiration for you all.

I’m a great believer in having a go at anything you fancy, even if you think you are not so good at it, whatever it is.

As a child I used to watch my late father sketch with charcoal. He used to throw a piece of paper and a charcoal stick my way to shut me up whilst he cartooned for the Daily Mirror.

Fun yes, but I was a bit rubbish.

It wasn’t until I started to doodle again fifty odd years later, woops, showing my age now, that I decided to do a few family pet portraits as well as other things.

Self-taught, they seemed to improve, and I was beginning to get a few wows when seen.

A good head-shot photograph to follow is all that’s needed plus graphite pencils and acid free paper to bring the subject to life. Shades and light are the key elements to capturing a true classic piece of pencil artwork. Oooow yes, don’t forget a rubber. I had a few commissioned subjects come in, and that put me to the real test. Anyone can do it, so if you fancy your chances have a go, it is quite rewarding.

Made from empty cat sachets

My sister loves sewing and frames many works, which she displays occasionally at an art gallery and sends much of the proceeds to the air-ambulance.

All her material is recycled. If you spot a pair of feet sticking out the top of a skip that’s probably Ilona, rummaging for goods. You may have seen her around on TV, well known as the mean-queen.

So, I hope you’ve found this interesting and encouraging. Whatever it is you fancy, don’t sit back, have a go, it’s fun.

And now a little about my latest Historical Romance series, set in the suburbs of Manchester 1905 – a scandalous tale of courage, secrets, passion, love, loss and lies. All the characters have played a wonderful part in this heart-breaking story and told me how they wanted it to be. They really did take over the page. A mix of tone in this story brings much empathy as well as a wide array of emotion.

Times were tough for some in those days and I wanted to portray this in the most fitting way. Set the scenes in great detail. Let readers experience how it was, smell the hotpot and fresh bloomer bread, shiver to keep warm by a paraffin stove, wash via a washstand, feel the damp lumpy mattresses etc. Research has played a huge part in creating this series, and I feel honoured to have learnt so much.

All books independently published, are available on Amazon as eBook and paperbacks. (76 Silver Street) (Don’t Go Back)
You can connect with me at:

Back to our lovely Kit Domino, who’s beautiful artwork inspires me tremendously. It’s been a great pleasure to be here. I love reading your blog posts, Kit, It’s a fabulous way of getting to know others and learning about what they are up to. You do a fantastic job, thank you so much. X Catch you later x

Thank you, Anna, indeed for such an interesting post. Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t realised what a great way indeed blog posts are of getting to know others that little bit more. I do hope we see you back here in the future. And I must doff my painting beret to you as I am in awe of your wonderful portraits. I’ve tried but always unsuccessful. But I will not give up!   
Don’t forget, if you’d like to guest on Loving Life or Kit’s Library, do get in touch with me through my Contact Me page. Look forward to hearing from you!

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