Kit’s Library

As well as writing, I also read a lot, with an eclectic taste in genre. I’ve also been lucky to have met some great authors, many of whom I now count as friends, and their fabulous books. Although I rarely review a book, I do enjoy bringing them to your notice.

Likewise, with authors. It’s difficult in today’s book world for little known authors to gain the attention and publicity their work deserves. There are some brilliant writers out there, many of whom you’ve probably never heard of.  They need every help they can get to be heard. Give their books a try. You never know, you might just find an author or book you love. Here’s a few of the many authors that have found their way into Kit’s Library.

Alison Knight
Jane Risdon
Anna Shenton
Faye Avalon
Laurie Ryan
Lavada Dee
Linda MacDonald
Linn B Halton/Lucy Coleman
Ali Bacon
Gilli Allen
Jo Lambert
Joan Mead
Pauline Barclay

In the future, I hope to be able to bring you guest blogs here too. If you’d like to be a Guest in Kit’s Library to talk about your books or any other aspect of writing, do contact me.

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