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So who is Filton Shields? He’s a man of mystery. He’s a detective always looking for clues and answers, always seeking the truth. He’s a solver of all kinds of problems, dilemmas and conundrums.

By day, he’s a Professor of Archaeology at Bristol University, but much prefers to be on his knees digging in the dirt with a trowel than lecturing in a stuffy hall. He likes to study the lay of the land, spotting anomalies, looking for clues from the past, piecing together shards of pottery or a pile of bones, and figuring out the role of a trinket no one has seen or touched for a thousand years or more.

Outside of academia, his thirst for solving puzzles continues. He enjoys delving into unexplained phenomena – be it hauntings and the supernatural but he’s much more than just a ghost hunter. Filton loves to investigate any mystery be it UFOs, strange lights, sounds or noises,  incidents of déjà vu and re-incarnation, weird creatures or monsters in lochs or lakes around the world. He’s always seeking answers using his fount of knowledge in science, history and geology. Because he believes every single strange occurrence has a logical, rational, scientific answer, and so will search endlessly for clues, analyse all the information he can find in any situation and then, using his skills and expertise, find the possible cause and hopefully the answer.

Filton Shields is an Unexplained Phenomena Investigator. And so far he’s always been right.

He’s also a character who, when I created him, I had no idea where his story would lead. His was the voice needed to convey and expand the ideas and theories of the paranormal in order to unravel the mystery in my story, little realising how much a central player he would become. Sometimes the characters we create turn out that way. It’s what makes writing fun.

And now, having come out of lockdown, Filton is eager to begin again, anxious and tamping at the bit to solve more mysteries. His next two investigations are in hand, and he’s waiting to get back to Greece to finish what he’d been uncovering there before the world came to a halt, but he would dearly love to hear from you with your unexplained stories. If you have first-hand experience of something strange and inexplicable happening to you, be it ghosts, déjà vu, UFOs or alien abduction, near-death experience, items going missing in the house. No matter what, no matter how incredible or vague, no matter when or where, Filton would love to hear your story and help you find a satisfactory answer. And who knows, you may just find your mystery finds its way into one of Filton Shields’ future books.

Email Filton with your story to  or add your story as a comment below. Many thanks.

WHITE STONES. The First Filton Shields Mystery

“Walls have ears, but sometimes they also have mouths with which to speak.”

Available in most e-formats and paperback worldwide including Amazon


2 thoughts

  1. A couple of summers ago I was in the garden during early evening and looked up at the mostly clear sky. There were only a few white fluffy clouds around and as I watched a couple of small ones above my neighbours roof, one of them seemed to ‘jump’ across to the other one and then ‘jump’ back again.

    It seems crazy typing this, but I swear it happened. I yelled for my hubby and he saw it too. We checked online to see if anyone else had noticed this anomaly, but couldn’t find anything. The cloud kept ‘jumping’ back and forth for a few minutes, then it stopped and eventually drifted away.

    To this day we can’t explain what we saw, and I’m thankful my hubby saw it because I might have convinced myself that I’d imagined it (and, no, I hadn’t been drinking!).

    I’d love if in the future Filton could investigate this type of phenomenon and find some kind of explanation!

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    1. Thank you, Faye, for sharing your story. What an intriguing phenomenon. It’s not one I’ve come across before and will certainly look into it. There must be an answer out there somewhere.

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