Spooky or Meant to Be?

The novel I’m in the process of revising (When Two Worlds Collide) first started a few years ago. Working on the rewrites yesterday evening, I’d come to a part pertinent to the plot which reminded me of a series of incidents that transpired whilst on holiday in Corfu several years ago, so I thought it a good time to revisit what happened to me and at the same time relish the lovely memories I have of that trip. My novel is set on a Greek island, one I’ve yet to visit but what I found on Corfu made me realise some things in this world are far more mysterious than we can ever imagine. Indeed, I wonder what Filton Shields would have made of it. In case you missed that original post entitled A Sense of Place, I’m reposting the link here and would love to hear your thoughts.

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A Sense of Place:

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4 thoughts

  1. That is pretty spooky. You’d never been there before? Wow. I love these kinds of happenings. You mentioned it was a homecoming. I bet it DID feel like coming home. I’m glad you have the real image to call upon, at least in your memories, during these revisions. I look forward to the book’s release.


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