Helping Pets Out of Lockdown

With many of us obtaining a puppy or kitten during the difficult times of lockdown, whether for company or to helping us exercise, it is worth remembering that with visitors being banned from the house for what has been basically 13/14 months, it is worth remembering these animals are territorial and probably unused to strangers and visitors invading their space. Now, with restrictions easing here in the UK and guests being welcomed into the house, our pets may be confused and unsure how to behave and cope with people coming and going, whether for a short visit or overnight stays. 

With this in mind, and following the helpful guidance given last December on how to help our four-legged friends when being left on their own all day, often for the first time as people return to work – advice that still pertinent today – I though it worthwhile bringing you some excellent advice and tips to help ease this transition given by professional dog trainer and animal behaviourist Katie Scott-Dyer in conjunction with BBC Radio Bristol and Facebook. Well-worth watching.

Link to read about Katie and what she does:

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