About Kit Domino

A world in which we have no nature, no art, no music and no literature would be a very dull one indeed. We need all to enable the human mind to grow, to laugh, to cry and to interact. It’s what makes us human and sets us apart from the rest of the universe.

Now living in the beautiful county of South Gloucestershire, England with my wonderful husband: my soulmate and rock,  my best critic and my hero, I spend much of my time writing, reading, gardening, painting, and love to travel, especially to Spain and the Greek Islands which inspire much of my work.

My childhood was spent in West London, close to Heathrow Airport, with my older sisters and brother, my English father and German mother, and close to other members of our extended large family. Ours were carefree, idyllic happy days living by the River Thames, with Richmond, Kew and Osterley Parks our extended playgrounds. We were not a rich family, far from it, but rich in the love and experiences our parents gave us, and the education we received, both of life and schooling.

I learnt to see beauty in a butterfly, the song of a bird, the dawn chorus, the field mouse scampering around the garden, the perfume of a flower, the sand between my toes, the warmth of the Aegean or Caribbean sea. Soaring mountains and wide sweeps of meadow. Trees. The dawn and the sunset. The sound of laughter. Of children playing. A trickling stream or waterfall. Snow. Sun. Spring. Autumn. Thunderstorms. All the wonders and beauty of this Earth and all play a significant part in my life.

Now retired from the 9-to-5 life, each day I can step out of my routine to reach into the unknown, explore something new, something different. This is my way to peace and harmony, to satisfaction and joy in living in this world. Along this path I take with me those whose lives have been touched or changed by love and music, two elements transcending the barriers of time, as vital as water and air and without which passion and romance flounders and dies.

As a published writer and poet, an international-selling acrylic artist, a keen cook and even keener gardener,  I have the magic to restore the heart and soul. It’s a talent all writers and artists possess and one we all love to share.

This is what makes me Kit Domino,  and is what Kit Domino’s World is all about.

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