White Stones

 “Walls have ears, but sometimes they also have mouths with which to speak.”

A journey into the the unexplained with Professor Filton Shields investigating a case of The Stone Tape Theory. This story, whilst a work of fiction is based on real locations and an intriguing story often told around the table at dinner parties held at one location. Even if you do not believe in ghosts, this story will intrigue and fascinate you. Reaching No.13 in the Amazon Charts,

White Stones

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What  strange forces are at work causing Penny Cornwall to see and hear people from the past and feel all their emotions? More disconcerting is the tune she doesn’t recognise play over and over inside the Cotswold stone cottage she shares with Harry Winchester. Music that will not go away, threatening to destroy the rural idyll she and Harry have found. Thus begins a fruitless search to find the source of the music and its title begins, a quest that rapidly becomes an obsession taking over her life.

Can the intervention of an eminent archaeologist find the answer to the music’s connection to their cottage in time and, in so doing, unravel the tragic story of a love bound by the music transcending the barriers of space and time?

Extract from White Stones

The door shook again, the brass letterbox beating a tattoo against the unnatural wail forcing its way through the constricted space. Bitter bile rising from her stomach quelled when she realized with body-sagging relief it was only the wind battering against the door, not some night-time prowler or, heaven forbid, Alex trying to get in. The wind died away allowing the tick…tock of the clock to fill the void once more.

In the bay of the window, the white grand piano stood silent, its lid closed. Behind it, heavy chenille curtains billowed and sank back, but their movement didn’t worry her; they always did that when the wind blew up the valley from the west, according to Harry. The room felt cold, the chilled air making her pull the dressing gown even tighter around her waist as she headed into the kitchen.

The fluorescent ceiling tube buzzed loudly before flickering into frigid brightness, showing her that here, too, everything was undisturbed. Not one item out of place, and the radio, perched in its usual position on the worktop by the breadbin, was as she had left it – unplugged. A loud clanging near the back door made her jump…

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Just a Few of the Reviews for White Stones

An intriguing and pacey read: When Penny moves in with good-looking and well-to-do Harry everything feels perfect until she becomes haunted by a curious piece of music from which there seems to be no escape. It becomes impossible to disentangle present from past and dreams from reality and when she discovers Harry has been keeping secrets about the death of his first wife it looks like the idyll is at an end. There is some lovely descriptive writing here, especially when gardens and the outdoors are involved and the plot – involving a professor of archaeology with paranormal interests – is expertly handled. I did find Harry, despite his misdemeanours, a bit of a puzzle – or perhaps his dialogue was somehow out of kilter with the contemporary setting, but that didn’t detract from a satisfying summer read with, for me, some lovely local settings.”

A compelling read: This is an unashamedly old-fashioned love story, but with a modern take, because it’s also a ghost story involving up-to-the-minute theories about the paranormal. So there’s plenty here for readers to get their teeth into. Kit Domino gives us some lovely descriptions of the Gloucestershire countryside and powerfully evokes disturbing, but often beautiful intrusions of the past into the present. The novel rattles along with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, threats, disasters and hopes, and is a satisfying read.”

Oh my goodness did my skin prickle at times as I read this one! This really was a ‘hauntingly’ beautiful read – pun intended. A wonderful, page-turning tale and I loved reading about the Stone Tape theory at the end. And when it came to that final page did my draw drop just a little… How many people hear and see things and think it’s all in their imagination? Come the end I convinced myself I could hear the music, too, and that’s the sign of a good story. Very well done!”

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White Stones has received a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award.
An emotional and romantic story. Strong characters. A compelling read with scary undertones.” Founder of Chill Awards.

A beautifully written mystery with intrigue and romance. I loved the fascinating and credible theme of this story and enjoyed the descriptive writing and the gentle romance between Harry and Penny. Highly recommended.”

“A great story. I have got nothing done I could not put it down brilliant read and a fascinating story loved it.”

“Beautifully written love story, hinged with a ghostly theme and wonderful descriptive scenes. I don’t stick to the same author. I love to read a variety of genre and discover new writing styles. It’s exciting to go down varied paths, and when I was gifted White Stones by Kit Domino I felt honoured at receiving such a lovely gift.
Taken in by the well-crafted blurb I knew I was in for an awesome read. The opening chapter written in third person, captivated me with the mysteries music Penny Cornwall woke up to. I felt her concern as the strange tune seemed to bring back people from her dark past. I can imagine how difficult that was for Penny, as it played over and over in her head in the stone cottage which she shared with Harry. I’m sure I can hear it too. Yikes! Sometimes I thought Penny was going to crack but she kept hold of all the strengths she could muster.
I loved all the characters, so life like, which leapt off the page in a natural way as the story reaches many twists and turns. The wonderful descriptive scenes took me on a journey into the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside which clearly had be written from the heart by the author.
This well written love story, hinged with a ghostly theme had me engrossed all the way, like something I had never experienced before in a book.
I loved the fitting ending and would recommend this paranormal emotional love story. It’s a five star from me.”

“Fascinating and compelling. I really love a mystery and White Stones did not disappoint. The story kept changing direction and had me reassessing what I thought was happening which, for me, is the mark of a truly good read. Filton Shields is a fascinating character and I’m hoping we’ll be seeing much more of him in future works. Evocative, beautifully descriptive writing and a compelling storyline with interesting characters. Highly recommended.”

“Loved the setting, the emotion, and the cadence of this story…

I couldn’t put this book down. Okay, so maybe when it got dark, I did put it down. I don’t normally read ghost-story type books. I’m too susceptible to…possibilities. But the blurb for this story caught my attention and I loved the sciencey aspect. In fact, I did some research after completing my reading. It proved the author is well-versed on what she wrote. Then, there’s the romance. I love Penny’s strength. She’s a gentle soul who fights her way into becoming the woman she is meant to be. And Harry, who has to let go of strong fears, is tenacious in his need to be with the woman he loves. Add in the wonderful British cadence and setting, and I was hooked. Overall, a powerful, emotional story.”