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  1. Thank you everyone for visiting and leaving a comment. Ali’s sentiments very much reflect my own. Alison: Thank you so much for appearing on Showcase. A great post! Kit 🙂


  2. Great excerpt and thanks for sharing your insights on the whole ebook vs Kindle experience. I am with you every step of the way there. Ebooks no doubt are the future but there is a huge community of readers out there who want a paper copy. I’ve found this to be especially true since I’ve moved away from a relatively big city to a comparatively small city that’s a little behind the times! Good on you and best of luck with all your endavours, you will have every success! XXXX


    1. Hi Nicky – hope people of Lincoln aren’t reading this, but I know what you mean. Outside big cities there is less techno-buzz.!


  3. Interesting post Ali and huge congrats on the success of A Kettle of Fish! It’s wonderful ThornBerry are supporting you in acknowledging that paperback still has a place, although ebooks sell in much higher numbers these days. I never thought I’d love my Kindle, but I do! Yes, a book feels great in the hand, but my Kindle tucks into my bag and is with me always!


  4. Your journey to publishing is much the same as mine. Except I went with a publisher that first published the books in e-format, then in print. Then tried an indie one with a friend. Doing the anthology in it. Now I’m hoping traditionally printed books and print on demand ones will get a closer in price.

    Great blog and excerpt. Wishing you the best with A Kettle Of Fish


    1. Thanks so much for coming Lavada. the pricing thing is all very strange i must admit. Waiting with bated breath for my print book to arrive.


  5. Super excerpt of a super book – which I have just finished reading and LOVED! Really enjoyed the story and the Scottish settings. Congratulations Ali!


  6. Hi Carol – good to see you! Yes, I’m increasingly finding that a real book represents relaxation and ‘reading for pleasure’ whereas Kindle reading is more a case of duty reads, review swops etc. (although of course these can be vey pleasurable too!) However where I once missed the ability to flick through an e-book, I’m now finding I miss the ‘annotations’ feature in a real book. Will have to invest in some yellow stickies!
    Ali B


  7. A lovely interview Ali and one that echoes the experience I had when I told people I was having my first book published as an eBook. Funnily enough I published my second in paperback first (also with FeedARead and found that I was getting emails asking when it would be available on Kindle!
    I think that eBooks are the future yet there will always be a love for the paperback and I too prefer to have something to keep on a shelf. I use computers all day s it is nice to sit in a chair and turn pages.
    I wish you enormous success with your novel which is a super read.


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