It’s The Little Things

During this year, it’s been the little, thoughtful things that have meant so much to us… a neighbour’s daughter popping a note through the door offering to fetch shopping or prescriptions if needed; another neighbour getting into their car and seeing us in the garden, calling out if we needed anything from the shops; children as they walk past the house commenting how much they love all our flowers; dog walkers waving out as they walk by. These are just a few tiny kind, friendly gestures we’ve received from people we hardly know. 

Thankfully, through all this year, my husband and I have been fine despite my usual poor health issues. To be honest, we’ve enjoyed the time spent in each other’s company as we stayed confined to the house, venturing no further than the doctor’s surgery or to our small local supermarket. Our house is always full of laughter at each other’s jokes and silliness and it’s been good not having to worry about hair in need of a trim or fussing what clothes to wear. Shoes that haven’t worn out and favourite lipsticks have lasted ages. And I certainly have stopped worrying about the house being a little untidy or in need of a dust, after all, visitors were not going to “pop in”, were they?  Yes, we’ve missed our drives out of a Friday to enjoy our glorious Gloucestershire countryside, and we’ve missed not visiting our favourite garden centre. We don’t do pubs or cinemas or restaurants so they weren’t missed at all, although we have missed our planned holiday, mercifully we hadn’t actually booked it, so that was okay too. 

Now we’re into December and the weather has turned cold and wet, the garden we so love is dank and muddy and in shade all day long, we keep ourselves amused with our indoor hobbies — his is online shopping (mainly plants and things for the garden), mine writing and painting. TV is mostly repeats and, for us, mainly utter drivel and rubbish, the news invariably turned off.  But fortunately, we have no money worries, owe nothing to no one, the house is warm, our freezers well stocked — what more could we want? Yet there are days when I feel down, despondent and glum like the weather, suffering from SAD. This morning was one of those days. 

But not for long. I was called into the kitchen the moment he returned from his shopping trip to the supermarket for a fresh loaf and a newspaper. In his arms were a large bunch of roses.

“For you,” he said. “Because you’re worth it!”

I’m no longer glum or sad. And each day I love him more. Why? For the little things he does. 

So make someone you know or a stranger’s day by a simple act of kindness, be it a smile, saying “Hello”, or an offer of help, no matter how small. It will make you both feel good.

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9 thoughts

  1. Funny year all around, not a good one for our family but what can you do? Nothing. Writing keeps us sane and watching TV drives me nuts. Wonder what I’ll end up like, and wonder how you all will do as well? Sending good vibes and wishes, stay well. xx

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  2. Yes it’s been a strange old year hasn’t it? No need to put on make up, even when we go out on our daily walk. And clothes? What’s the point of ordering new things when there is nowhere to go? And like you Kit, there are days, especially now we’re going into winter, when I feel out of sorts but I soon buck myself up because I know there is so much I should be grateful for. Take care and stay safe xx

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    1. Yes, glad when 2021 here’s. Having survived 2 bad years, next year can only be better. I always get downhearted at this time of year but try to keep positive by reminding myself that in a few weeks’ time the nights will start to get shorter again, the snowdrops and crocus in the lawn will be up and out and we can all move forward. You’ve had a lot to cope with recently too and yes, we have so much to be grateful for. Look after yourself until we can finally meet up again for lunch – it’s been far too long. xx


      1. Have missed you too Kit, and yes you are right, already the bulbs are pushing through the soil. When I worked I used public transport into the city. I remember that the last week in January was when I walked home from the bus stop at dusk not darkness. I keep that positive thought in mind. xx

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