Guest Posts Loving Life

Kit Domino’s World is striving to bring you new, exciting and different regular guest posts, under the “Loving Life” banner, be it about pets, gardens, art, literature and everything in between. It could be somewhere where something exciting happened to you on your travels, or a family celebration, the joys and laughter of family and friends, a recipe you’ve discovered, a new author or book you like, your hobby, share funny stories, jokes, life in retirement… the list is endless. Keep it politically and racist free. Let’s keep this site positive, keep it fun, and help bring  smile to Kit Domino’s World.  

Contact me below if you would like to be a Guest on “Loving Life” in the future.

My first guest is Kate Scott-Dyer, a professional dog trainer and animal behaviourist for 15 years, who will be giving her expert advice about on our four-legged friends. 

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