New Look Website

Announcing my new look website including some exciting new elements. Although the revamp is still ongoing, Kit Domino’s World is striving to bring you new, exciting and different regular guest posts, under the “Loving Life”  and “Kit’s Library”  banner. Please visit the site, see what Kit Domino’s World is all about, and tell me what you think. 

And yes, I’m calling for guest posts, not just about all things books and novels, writing or reading,  but on things that also make you love life, be it pets, gardens, the arts and everything in between. It could be somewhere where something exciting happened to you on your travels, or a family celebration, the joys and laughter of family and friends, a recipe you’ve discovered, a new author or book you like, your hobby, share funny stories, jokes, life in retirement… the list is endless. But let’s keep it politically and racist free. Let’s keep this site positive, keep it fun, and help bring  smile to Kit Domino’s World.  

My first Guest Post goes live tomorrow!

Contact me below if you would like to be a Guest in “Kit’s Library” and/or a  Guest in “Kit’s Loving Life” feature in the future.

Would love your feedback on the site, too.


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