I Hate Winter!

Garden snow small
January 2013

It’s official. I hate winter. Always have. Always will. I hate always being cold – but I’m that during the summer too, even my husband will tell you I’m the only one he knows who can be  under a tropical sun on a beach in Barbados and still have goosebumps! I hate wearing layers and layers of clothes which, in turn, means there’s far more washing in the winter, and how the hell are you supposed to get it all dry? Thank goodness for the tumble drier. No, I much prefer to feel the sun on my skin, only happy when I can wander about all day in a floaty cotton kaftan, when I’m not hungry all the time, and when don’t have to rush to the loo every five minutes to spend a penny.

Winter Wonderland
Here’s one I did earlier

And pretty as it might look, I absolutely hate snow. We’ve had our fill here yet more is forecast this weekend. The only good thing about snow is that it makes for some nice landscapes to paint.

By the gate 1 February 2013

So, thank goodness January is over, always the worst month of the year, and we are now into February. On the first of this month, the snow had melted, the sun was out and it was mild, so I took a walk around the country estate garden, to see what  was happening. And joy of joys, the snowdrops were out, as were some crocus. Last year, these were in flower on New Year’s Day, so they are only one month late.

1 February 2013

The daffodils by the hedge stood a foot high and buds showing that first tinge of yellow. The hellebores were nodding their pretty mauve, red, white and two-tone heads and the primroses were out. The hyacinths were up, as were the first leaves of the bluebells.

My favourite hellebore in flower 1Feb 2013

In few weeks the forsythia hedge will be blossoming, and I see as I look through the gap between the houses opposite to the wood, the trees are showing hints of green. Yes, spring is definitely edging in. Yippee. And in a few more weeks’ time, hopefully, I can enjoy breakfast and morning coffee in the garden again. Bring it on, I say!

19 thoughts

  1. Hi Kit, how cheering to see those flowers in bloom. I actually hate Feb more than Jan, so need some cheering up. thanks for bringing me sunshine!


  2. I struggle with January – but I think it’s the lack of daylight. I can see a difference in the length of the days once Burns Night is by and then I feel like Spring is just round the corner. 🙂


  3. So looking forward to Spring, I think we all feel better (and happier) when the sun is shining. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing : )


  4. I don’t hate the winter, I quite like it really, in fact I do like all the seasons. Have to say thought, I am looking forward to spring. Lovely photos, Kit.



  5. Can you send some of that snow our way? Shhh. Don’t tell the rest of Western Washington I said that, but I do like a bit of snow each winter and we’ve only flirted with it here. Hmmm. I feel like I’m whining. So I went back and looked at your newly bloomed flowers and they are lovely and calming. The Hellibore is beautiful!


  6. I’m with you and hope someday (soon) to start spending the majority of the winter months in a warmer climate. I got up to frost this morning. Loved the pictures, something to look forward to.


    1. Yes, frosty here too this morning, Lavada. We have more snow threatened for the weekend but hopefully it won’t be much. Roll on the warmer weather. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


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