Finding What I’ve Been Searching For

Ever spent years searching for something elusive? I have for over 10 years but this month I have at last found something I’ve spent over 10 years trying to find. So if you are sitting comfortably, I’d like to tell you the story.

December, another year almost over and we have had snow. Not a lot, at least not where I live, just a dusting of the powdery stuff but enough to look pretty. But boy, it has been cold with freezing temperatures all week. I hate winter but keep telling myself this coming Tuesday marks the winter solstice, heralding the slow movement of daylight hours becoming longer, nights that little bit shorter. Yay! The month started with my art group’s afternoon Christmas party, with plenty of food contributed by attendees, lots of carols sung and entertainment from our “tea boy”, an excellent folk singer, followed by our annual… Continue reading

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