George’s First Steps: A Special Message

Wanted share this is a special message from George:

Thank you Dr TS Park and Dr Matthew Dobbs for giving me the chance to stand on my feet and be like my friends xxx

Enjoy the video people:

George has only just learnt to push his walker himself after 6.5 months of hard, hard work so what he will achieve in this next 6 months is too exciting to think about. To think that when he was born his parents found out he had quadriplegic cerebral palsy doctors said he would never walk, talk or know who anyone was…….well hasn’t he proved them wrong!!!


6 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Linn. He melts everyone’s heart, especially mine. There is huge amount of background to this story that makes him all the more special to his family. It is such a joy knowing there is good in this world when you see what has been achieved for him. X 🙂


  1. This brought tears but good ones. George defines courage, hope, love and all the good in life. I love the little guy and I haven’t even met him so I can only imagine your feelings Kit.


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