Welcome to Kit Domino’s World

Where Too Much Imagination is Never Enough!
Mother always said I had a vivid imagination. Neither of us realised just how vivid it was to become.

I write novels, I paint, I garden, I write articles, and I cook.  I love life. What else is there to say?
Quite a lot, actually, so come join me in my world…


Apologies for any links or missing items whilst new and exciting features are being added. Please continue to look around each element.
Just click on the photos to be swept inside Kit Domino’s World and enjoy your visit. Thank you.

Join Me Over The Backyard Fence
Kit Domino Art

2 thoughts

  1. Thank you, Lavada. I enjoy learning something new and a challenge and if I can bring a smile to someone’s face or make their day a little brighter on the way, I feel I’ve achieved something. 🙂


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