English Flapjacks

Today, a beautiful sunny morning,  put me in the mood not for spring cleaning but for baking a cake. But what?  Inspiration! Suddenly the thought of flapjacks sprung to mind. Haven’t made them for years. Uses only one pan or bowl, takes minutes to make.  So here goes.


100_5768Grease tray bake tin (mine’s 9×13″ but you can use any tin, even two sandwich tins or a small roasting dish). I line the tin to avoid scratching it when I slice the cooked flapjacks.

Oven set to 170C fan or 180C normal/350F or Reg 4.

Into large saucepan melt 6 or 7 tbsp of Golden Syrup   (recipe called for 6 but as it always sticks to the spoon, I add an extra one) and 200g butter (any sort). This could be done in a microwave using large bowl. When butter melted, stir in 340g  porridge oats plus a pinch of salt. Mix well.  This is the basic, standard plain recipe. But you know me, I like to be different. I also stirred in a handful of chocolate chips, 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and 2 tbsp of luxury mixed fruit.

Pour mixture in to tin and spread evenly. Push any exposed fruit into mixture to avoid burning. Pop in oven for 20-25 mins until golden. It will still feel soft when it comes out of oven but it’s supposed to, as it firms up on cooling.

Place tin on cooling rack (I use the metal grid from my grill pan) and cut flapjacks into portions but do not remove from tin. Allow to cool completely before removing. These keep well in an airtight tin, and one (all right, two) mid morning with my coffee (in the garden today!) went down a treat. I have to say, they were delicious!


Hard luck, Dave, I’ll make you a chocolate cake next week.


About Kit Domino

Author and acrylic artist who loves travel, gardening, nature, good food and wine and a whole more besides.

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  1. Sometimes you find yourself dreaming about the cakes and puddings from your childhood. This was the sort of thing we often came home from school to and I love the idea of chopped figs Kit! Scrummy!

  2. Yummy – I do believe Scottish Flapjacks are made in exactly the same way. I like to add chopped dates to the oats – they go all gooey and sticky!
    Janice xx

  3. These look great! Thanks for sharing, Kit.

    carol x

  4. It’s all that bit about how long to cool and when to cut that makes a difference – thanks Kit!

  5. I am officially hungry and need to hop a plane to England. 🙂 These look YUMMY!

  6. When I first saw this I thought, pancakes as they referred to them as flapjacks. Especially in western historical times. But these are entirely different and look yummy. Your pictures with the English china are wonderful. I need to wait until I have company though to make them as I know I’ll eat the whole recipe of these.

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