UPDATE – George’s First Steps

Put out the bunting, cue the fanfare – because he’s home. Our little George is home from America, and I am pleased to say everything went well and he will shortly be returning to school.

“Look at the determination on my face! I had a great therapy session with daddy this morning ending with 30 steps…..I am trying :)”

The operations were successful and he is now on his way to a new phase of his life thanks to everyone’s generosity in donating to the fund to send him to the St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri for the  operations, generosity that far exceeded the target and thus funds are secured to cover all his therapy and physio etc for the next seven years.

So, what has happened? The operations were to remove the spasticity in his legs and now begins the long, hard work as he learns to walk, step by step. A bit more each day. It’s tough going for him but he’s one determined little boy, as this photo shows. And with determination like that, he will not fail.

The scissoring of George’s legs has completely gone, and he full range of movement in his feet, legs and hips now, which is great. He can move his feet up and down, can side sit, sit up and go into a crab position and even touch his own toes – a first for him. He can stand and take his own weight and has managed to walk thirty steps – something we never thought we’d see. George is going to improve a lot more and everyone is excited to see what he achieves. The surgeon has said that George will walk with the walker and there is a possibility they will be able to get him on sticks when he returns to the States in twelve months’ time. George also sleeps soundly through the night now (well, most nights) and no longer wakes up grouchy because he’s stiff and sore, and his speech is improving.

“Look, Mum, I can touch my toes now!”

Everything is positive and we are really proud of him – he’s been such a brave boy who didn’t complain once during all of this; he’s not lost that infectious smile and laugh.

Thank you so much Dr Park for changing George’s life (and his parents) in such a positive way. Already the changes we see are going to make such a huge difference and we can’t wait to see how much more he achieves.


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    1. Thank you Jo. We are so grateful to everyone and delighted to be able to share in the success of the SDR operation. It has changed George and his parents’ life so much. With luck and a lot of hard work on George’s part, he will be doing the Walk for George himself next year! Yay! 🙂


  1. I am so excited for George’s future. What a wonderful heart warming post! Thank you Kit for keeping us informed of George’s progress. Best wishes to you and the family. xxxxx


    1. Thank you, Janice. I know people were keen to see his progress and the results of all the fundraising that has taken place. Every penny counted towards such a good outcome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. X


  2. It’s hard to take in how well little George has done since his operation. What a transformation – and what a future he has ahead of him! He’s gone through so much, but his face shows that steely determination. It runs in the family…. Well done George and family, every day is a new day now with new goals!


  3. Kit, I am so happy to hear about George and how well he’s doing. I know he’ll continue to do well with family like you. Hugs. xx


    1. Thank you, Stephanie. We cannot praise St Louis Hospital Missouri team and all the staff at the Marriott hotel where the family were based during this time for their support and help. The hotel staff even put on a Halloween party for the half dozen kids staying there undergoing the same op.


    1. Thanks, Lavada. It’s so uplifting when you see the result of everyone’s generosity, hard work, and determination to help this little guy. To see him walking, even a few steps, repays it all. 🙂


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