Hello world!

Hello and congratulations if you have stumbled upon this blog.  Before you do anything else, please make a note in your diary of today’s date. It is a historic one. One I hope you will remember. For today is a first. My first blog! I always said I wouldn’t write one, I wouldn’t need one, that I didn’t have the time, that I didn’t have anything interesting or worthwhile to say that others would want to read. So today I would just like to introduce myself. I write. I paint. Simples. Well actually no, it’s not.

If like me you write, be it short stories, long stories, novels, articles and letters or just plain greeting cards you will understand how complicated, frustrating and exhilarating it is. If you paint, you will know how relaxing and enjoyable it can be. If you do neither, there may still be something here for you.

Over the next few weeks/months/years/eons/millennium the intention is to immerse you into the exciting world of writing and painting. I will introduce you to fellow writers and artists, link you to sites of special interest, hold discussions, interviews, share my experiences and where requested, offer advice. There will be items on writing, on art and on food, wine and cookery. Hopefully a regular recipe or kitchen hints and tips  as a starter for ten.

I hope it will be fun. I hope it will be entertaining.  I don’t know at this point how often I shall write here but hope you will visit often.  If you have read thus far, I have at least held your attention. For a writer, that means everything. Thank you.

9 thoughts

  1. Thank you for your encouraging remarks on my latest blogpost. Now I have found yours Kit I will be ‘looking in’ often. We both seem to have started our blogs at the same time, it will be interesting to see where they both lead.


    1. Welcome, Sheila. Nice to see you hear. Will be blogging about art and painting too in future weeks as well as as writing and other matters.
      All the best


  2. Hi Kit,

    Just saw your tweet so thought I’d pop over for a peep! Great first post. Look forward to hearing all your ongoing news etc. Sounds really good.


  3. Hi Kit – congratulations on the new blog. I saw your announcement on Twitter and I have subscribed to your list. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon.


  4. Lovely to see you dipping your digits into the blogosphere, Kit! Sounds as if you’ll be blogging about an interesting mix of subjects so will be checking back here regularly. Happy Blogging!


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