7 thoughts on “Proofreading & Editing Services

    • As a substantive edit is almost analysis based, calling for a considered judgement on a document’s concept and intended use, content, organization, design, and style and functionality, is this something you are considering for a manuscript? It would, in my opinion, be more suited and required for a non fiction/reference/text book.

    • A very good question, Chris. A substantive content edit involves a comprehensive check of manuscript with fine tooth comb, making sure it all makes sense, has a plausible plot and outcome, that there are no inconsistencies with character behaviour/speech style issues, helps with actual rewrites, and some are able to adjust language by genre, target audience aim. Most editors only deal with one or two specific genres, know their stuff and can be exceedingly expensive. I edit all genres but am not able to go into such depth as a single genre/specialist editor could do.
      A copy editor should check for facts, do a minimal amount of rewriting/comment/suggestion, check for flow and clarity. Then you have line editors/proofreaders who check for errors, typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage etc. Copy/line and proofing are often combined into a singular task nowadays. A copy/line/proofreader has been my professional role for many years.
      In an ideal world all four tasks would be done by four different persons, but the ideal world in publishing no longer exists and many publishers now combine the role into one or two persons at most, the proofreader having long departed.
      Hope clarifies for you. Please feel free to email should you have any other questions. Happy to help.

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