About Kit Domino

A world with no art, no literature, no music or laughter would be a very dull one indeed.

Mother always said I had a vivid imagination. Neither of us realised just how vivid it was to become.

First and foremost I am a writer of sagas, timeslips and the paranormal. Not the blood-sucking, toe-curdling vampire sort but of the unexplained, the mysterious. I explore hauntings, supernatural phenomena and all things weird and wonderful. (There’s a song there somewhere, I’m sure.) So, I believe in ghosts, I hear you say.

I do, but probably not in the general way you might understand them. The world over, reaching far back into history tales and stories of the paranormal exist. Of ghosts, fairies, guardian angels. Far too many for there not to be something “out there”. Fascinated by these stories, I take my characters on great adventures into the realms of the unknown, forever seeking out the truth, a scientific rationale, always searching for answers. Sometimes the answers elude us; often the answers astound.

As if this wasn’t enough, I also love to paint; two mediums enabling me and my readers to travel to other times, other places. Past times, current times, other worlds, and to daydream. Each day I can step out of my routine, humdrum world to reach into the unknown, to explore something new, something different. (More about my artwork can be found on my Kit Domino Art website and blog.

bocelliNothing captures my emotion and imagination more than a beautiful piece of music, the lyrics of a romantic or sad song, the voice that tingles the back of the neck. Growing up surrounded by music, from the wealth of classical music, to the oomph bands and folk songs of Germany, the accordion and piano, to the birth of the English pop charts and the advent of discotheques, I always write with music playing in the background. Music is one of the most evocative elements in our lives, it draws on the memory, heightens emotions and relaxes the soul. I drive listening to it and all of my books have music as an integral element within them.

I see beauty in birdsong, tranquillity in a beautiful sunset and a glorious wonderment in the flora and fauna around me. A world in which we have no art, no music and no literature would be a very dull one indeed. We need all three to enable the human mind to grow, to laugh, to cry aRobinnd to interact. It’s what makes us human and sets us apart from the rest of the universe. All three play a significant part in my life.garden last week 004

This is my way to peace and harmony, to satisfaction and joy in living in this world. Along this path I take with me those whose lives have been touched or changed by love and music, two elements transcending the barriers of time, as vital as water and air and without which passion and romance flounders and dies. As a writer and an artist, I have the magic to restore the heart and soul. It’s a talent all writers and artists possess and one we all love to share.

“Faster than fairies,faster than witches …”

I have always enjoyed reading poetry, my favourite is still “Night Mail” by WH Auden. Having learnt it by heart as a child, I can still recite the evocative poem, my favourite line being “Faster than fairies, faster than witches”. Aaah, now we’re getting to the crux of the matter, right to the heart – fantasy and make believe – this must be where my love of the paranormal stems from. A treasured book is A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stephenson. One poem has always stuck with me: “Escape at Bedtime” – I still love nothing better than being out under the stars and watching … waiting … counting shooting stars.

In the year 2000, through Friends Reunited, I was reunited with a childhood friend from junior school who turns out is non other than the esteemed poet and poetry critic John Greening. I have since become addicted to John’s poetry, especially as many of his works reflect the places and childhood he and I shared. Writing, be it prose or poetry comes from the heart. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t have to have fancy names for each kind of form. What it must have is feeling, emotion, depth and, importantly, touch the heart of the reader. Poetry is also a wonderful of expression, a means to release angst and emotion.

Many of my poems will never be read by others, they are written for me, by me, and in their time they have helped to understand and heal the pain and torment in my life. Many others are purely for the enjoyment of life, of nature, of all things. Often inspired by the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside around me or by people who have connected with me in some way. I have shared one or two with you and hope each in its own way touches your heart.

Click Here to read a selection of my poetry.



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