As promised, here is an update on the progress of our little George since his life-changing SDR operation to help him cope with cerebral palsy that took place in America six months ago.

Six months? Yes, it’s really been that long and what a difference to his and his parents lives. He still needs help when using his walker as it is heavy for him, but each day he gets stronger with the physio and exercises that must continue daily. Each day there is improvement, and like all children, he gets his off days but he comes bouncing back. To think, six months ago he couldn’t sit unaided, spent a lot of his time on the floor, shuffling on his stomach to get anyway, and struggled to do the simplest of tasks we take for granted. Not any more. He’s gained so much independence, even having friends from school in to play and taking part in the school nativity play at Christmas; his speech is improving, and his cheekiness and sense of fun is as wonderful as ever, if not more so.

Rather than go on listing his achievements, his proud parents have put together a video which I hope you’ll take a few minutes of day to look at here. I’ve watched it several times and still my eyes fill with tears at what has been made possible by each and every one of you who donated and helped to make this possible. The closing statement on the video says it all…

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  1. This is a lesson not to take our health for granted. That children have to suffer the challenges of life so young is beyond sad. But their smiles, oh my gosh. Thank you for sharing. What is in the future for George? How much more therapy? Can he get all he needs at home?


    1. Hi Lavada. George will require physio up until he stops growing, currently this is done in 3 weekly spells at a special therapy centre some distance from his home with his parents working with him each day. He will probably always need a frame or sticks to walk with and possibly need a hip replacement op in the future but that’s a considerable improvement to how his life was before. Just yesterday, he managed to walk across the room at home without needing help from anyone with the walking frame. This is a fantastic achievement as the frame is heavy so he is obviously getting stronger each day, much to his parents delight. His house has been specially adapted to fit his needs now and for the future. So everything is very positive and upbeat. Thrills me every time I see him. 🙂


  2. Oh Kit, what amazing progress! I know everyone has been through so much to get to this point, but there must have been many times when they doubted it could happen. And now it has! What a wonderful and heart-warming update. Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Can’t express the elation and joy the family feels seeing how much he’s progressed in such a short time. It was such a daunting task this time last year when we think of how much money we needed to raise. Wonderful to see him now.


  3. That video brought tears to my eyes. Such a happy boy amid all his trials. And what a community of family and friends. Wow! Keep it going, George! And thanks for sharing, Kit.


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