Hocus Pocus – Mischief is Afoot

Wow is me. Wow is me.  Oops, wrong book. Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble … Yes, folks it’s that time of year again approaching when witches pick up their broomsticks and the dead rise again. When pumpkins have their insides ripped out and…and…  and kids just wanna have fun!

And so do us writers! Which is why tomorrow a coven or two of us (especially that Janice Horton, whose great idea this was) are stirring up mischief and mayhem to celebrate Halloween with some spellbinding fun, the magic of which will be produced with a list of ingredients to boil up a recipe and spell of our choosing. So, what do I want to make happen. This needs a lot of thinking about…

Wealth and riches?  Yes, that would be nice.

A voice that can sing and charm the angels? Mmmm, even nicer.

A handsome stud who can woo, romance and keep me happy? Nah, already have one of those. (Note, I didn’t say “young”.)

A housekeeper and maid to do all my cleaning and bidding and ironing? Had one before, was good, so a strong possibility

A house in the sun, preferably Greece? Now you’ve got me!

Good health? Wouldn’t we all like that?

Be famous, or infamous, or a bit of both? You’ve got me there again.

Chocolate with zero calories? Oooh, now there’s a thought.

A wine lake, or gin and tonic fountain? Oh… the buzzing of the bees and the cigarette trees, the soda water fountain … Seems like I’ve been on the G&T already.

Heck, it’s so difficult to decide. Needs more thought, and more G&T, and you’ll have to come back tomorrow, same time, same channel, to find out what I conjurer up.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the shopping list: one ear of bat, three toenail of goat, a big dollop of laughter…

So, what magic spell did I cook up: find out here


10 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus – Mischief is Afoot

  1. Ladies – chocolate AND wine – sounds orgasmic to me! Ooops, is it after 8pm … nope, oh well I’ll consider myself banned…. actually, truth is stranger than fiction … I cast a spell ready for tomorrow. I even told Janice it won’t happen…. then tonight Lawrence said ‘I want to treat you to a spa day ….’ . Really? Yes, really. Mind you it will take a LOT of organising. Will he man Twitter and FB for me, load web pages … I doubt it ha! ha! So I need a chocolate stud….

  2. Oh I’d go for the wine lake – heck make it a champagne fountain! Can’t wait for tomorrow – I’m so excited to see what everyone’s cooking up with their spells!!

    Janice xx

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