Birthdays Galore

I think I’m going to rename this month Birthtember as in my family, it is nothing but birthdays birthdays birthdays this month. Why so many in September, I wonder, the ninth month of the year. I can only think it must be due to Christmas and New Year celebrations and curling up under the covers to keep warm in the depths of winter and power cuts etc etc.

It’s my daughter’s birthday, both my grandchildren’s, a favourite aunt, our lovely little George’s, both my sisters’ (they’re twins!), both my sisters-in-law’s and several nieces and nephews on my husband’s side, as well as several other friends including my closest. You’d think with so many, I would remember them all – quite the contrary. There’s so many, I forget. In fact, one year I totally forgot my sisters’. Still, I was busy with all the planning going on at the time for my daughter’s wedding, and they have forgiven me.

I’ve set reminders on my computer and electronic calendar and on Moonpig, usually have a pile of cards tucked away in a drawer, but somehow the time slips by and hey ho, another missed date. Still, there’s always next year. Or is there? September was also the month we lost my father and thus this month is always tinged with sadness and fond memories.

I know I should have all my cards written out and ready to send, perhaps even send everyone’s at the beginning of the month, but is that tempting fate a bit? What do you do?

I’m also not a great believer in cards, especially Christmas and other “occasions” like mother’s and father’s day and granny’s etc. A card for everything and everyone. Hatched, matched and dispatched and all else in between. Nor do I worry or get upset if I don’t get cards from people but it is nice to be remembered and I know people do expect them. I have one family member who got quite shirty with my husband and me because we stopped doing Christmas cards.

So, dear friends and family, if any of you are expecting a card and haven’t received one yet from me, I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten/been too busy to remember/been away. Yes, feeble excuses, I know, but it doesn’t mean I love you any less or that I don’t care. It’s because I lead a busy life. I will still raise a glass to you and drink your health, even come to the birthday bash if invited. Remember, it makes any card you do get from me that extra bit  special.

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8 thoughts on “Birthdays Galore

  1. I’m of the same mind about the card thing. It doesn’t mean I love anyone less – although I do try to remember to send them to the young children in the family. I didn’t send many Christmas cards last year and don’t intend to do so this year either – but I do know some people thought I was being a bit humbug!

  2. Happy birthday, one and all. I don’t very often do the card thing either anymore, and Xmas cards went out the window when the kids arrived. We call it being green, hahaha! Our big birthday squash is from January to early April. That’s quite a long period, I suppose, so they’re not really squashed. I have the privilege of being all on my lonesome in December, hehehe! Enjoy Birthember, lovely post. x

  3. Our heavy-duty birthday month is May. And they’re all bunched together! I’m not much of a card person even though my mum was and the last couple of years I did all the card shopping for her. Now, I only send them out on milestone years, except the kids and grandkids.

    • We have another round in April but thankfully not so many as Sept. My mother doesn’t believe in cards either so I must get it from her. Always make sure daughter and grandkids get them though.

  4. I used to be a big cards person, but over the years I’ve come to realise a one-to-one phone call is more personal and so I tend to send cards only to those I don’t contact so frequently. Presents nowadays are more often than not money in an envelope – I guess it’s official that I am turning into my mother! Glad to know I’m not alone Kit, we too have months where it’s manic – I wonder why that is?

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