The Hippy Hippy Shake

So, here we are into February already. A full 12 months of not having to the do the 9-to-5, and loving it. But what has 2012 brought already? Well, apart from the cold setting in now, quite a bit to the Domino household.

I’ve become a Great Auntie again. My niece, whose baby shower I attended at the beginning of the year, gave birth to a beautiful little girl – Evie Faith. I am so looking forward to my first cuddle.

Talking of the cold, New Year’s Day was greeted by the first of this year’s crocus in bloom on the front lawn. A few days later, several clumps of snowdrops appeared and now all along my drive is a sea of flowers which, with the sun on them, open out brightening the day and putting smiles on passers-by faces. The hellebores are about to open too, only today after last night’s heavy frost, they are hanging limp and forlorn. But they will pick up again. I hope.

I’ve managed to complete a few paintings over the weekends  For one, I tried something different to landscapes this time. I think Pink Flowers it came out rather well. 

I’m close to completing the final edits of one of my novels, ready to be published soon. It is actually quite scary after all this time to be on the brink again. Like being on the edge of a precipice – will I fly or will I fall? But then, that’s me … always nervous, always shy.

There has been one other major event in my household in January. On the 12th, my husband underwent a hip replacement operation. He’s doing okay now, but we did have a few “difficult” days whilst he was in hospital and shortly after he eventually came home. I won’t bore you with all the details as I don’t want this to be a moan, suffice to say one ward care assistant is no longer employed at our local hospital thanks to her lack of due diligence and neglect of care.

Today he managed to walk to our doctors and back on his own with the aid of only one walking stick instead of two, and yesterday was able to make us both a coffee and carry it through to me. He still needs a lot of help with washing and dressing and getting into bed, and still eating a lot of painkillers, but it is early days. Thankfully, he has been fitted with a ceramic hip joint, not a metal one like there’s been all the fuss about lately; you may have heard.  This because he is still relatively young, still working and very fit. (Time now to look away if you are squeamish!)

He did rather grin widely when he saw on the medical form he collected today what our GP had written beside Likely Date Fit For Work Again: June 2012. The smile soon fell away when I reminded him he doesn’t get sick leave pay from his company, only SSP. Apart from which, I know him only too well. Come March he will be itching to get out and do some gardening, and by then he will also be missing his job and friends at work. I’ll give it until April. You can’t keep a good man down for long!

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12 thoughts on “The Hippy Hippy Shake

  1. Aw, Evie Faith is beautiful! And so is ‘Pink Flowers’, you talented girl, you! Glad your husband is on the road to recovery. Horrible when you are vulnerable and in ‘not good’ hands. Good luck with the final edits, Kit. Here’s to publication day. Yay! 🙂 x

  2. Congrats on being a great auntie! And good to hear OH is doing so well, sounds like 2012 although a bit of a mix bag is going quite well for you so far. Keep smiling and as always sending sunnys smiles!

  3. What a mix life is dishing out to you at the moment! So glad you are finding time to paint, was worried with so much else going on you would lose your ‘relaxation’ – and what a superb result! Pink Flowers is stunning and your love of gardening shows in the detail! Hope other half is well on the road to recovery, with nurse Kit there for him he can’t fail.

    • Things are certainly never dull here, Linn. Always something going on. Thank you for lovely comment on Pink Flowers. Must experiment with some more. Can recommend painting to anyone who needs to relax, regardless of expertise. Nurse Kit is slowly getting life in the house back to normality. What would we have done without her, especially for pulling on DVT stockings and running errands. Enjoy your weekend – get some R&R in. Nurse’s order! Kit X

  4. I really love Pink Flowers. My cousin paints and creates jewelry. You have had a busy year, it’s always hard to have health problems and if your guy is anything like mine it’s even harder. I don’t why but the minute I can’t do something that thing becomes essential. I can ignore a task forever as long it’s by choice.

    Have fun with the edits. I have a release coming out on Valentine’s day so I think I have the last of the edits in. Right now I’m editing the 2nd book this year in preparation to submitting it.

  5. Congratulations on your new family member … and with such a sweet name, Evie Faith! How beautiful! Continued good luck with your husband’s recuperation and here’s to a very successful 2012!

  6. Wow! So much seems to have happened to you in one month Kit! Well done on the novel edits – that’s great, so close now, and I agree, an exciting but very nerve-wracking time. Your paintings are lovely too. Hope your husband makes a good recovery soon.

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