A Few of My Favourite Things

  • Dawn, my favourite time of day. I live in the middle of a housing estate stuck between the junction of two motorways. Close by is an airfield, a large shopping mall and a railway, so you can understand why it’s not exactly quiet around here. Except for early mornings when all is calm, all is peaceful. I love to sit, preferably outside, and watch the sky lighten in all its ever-changing hues of blues and pinks, the play of light and shadows, and enjoy a feeling of anticipation of what the day will bring. Coupled with this, another of my favourite things — birds.
  • The dawn chorus is part of my enjoyment of dawn, but I also like to hear the birds singing at any time of day. I even have a CD I play frequently to feed what is a passionate need to hear them around me. If it wasn’t for the pesky pigeons and magpies that we have an overpopulation of here, where I live would be perfect. The birds like my garden and many of our native garden species can be found flittering and feeding and bathing here almost every day. Whenever I am out, no matter where or what country, I always take time out to watch the birds but can categorically say I am not a twitcher despite my binoculars saying to the contrary.
  • My garden, plants and other animals. My garden is my sanctuary, a small piece of tranquillity in an otherwise noisy, chaotic world. Here my husband and I grow and enjoy all manner of flowers and thrill at everything that mother nature decides to send to visit including the birds, butterflies, toads, frogs, slow-worms, lizards, field mice, hedgehogs.
  • Holidays abroad to warm locations. For many years now I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my holidays with just my two sisters and our mum. I live some way from them so our annual migration to the sun gives us precious time together. We chill out, read, do as we please, eat and drink what we please, go where we please and enjoy each other’s company without the tantrums of men or children. I never got on with my sisters when we all lived at home, always fighting and arguing. They are twins and five years older than me. Not a big difference now but that’s a huge ravine when you’re young. Next year will see our last holiday together. Mum is 86 next March, travelling getting too much for her, and with my sisters retired and my being recently redundant we will not be able to afford to do it again.
  • Greece and all things Greek. Of all the places abroad I have visited, from Barbados, Austria, Germany and Spain, through to holidays with my sisters, it is always to Greece we return. Each island is unique in its own way. I love the food and the people, the culture, the history and the climate. Especially the climate. I just love the sun although I am not a sun worshipper — you’ll never see me with tan. If I could choose one place in the world to retire to, it would be to a Greek island. And it’s back to Greece again next year for our last girls’ holiday.
  • Music. All types but especially classical and especially Andre Bocelli. What I wouldn’t give to see him live. His voice sends a shiver down my spine. I grew up with music, especially German folk songs and bands, I taught myself to play piano, my first husband was a DJ, and music is always playing at home when driving, be it ELO or Eric Clapton, Ralph McTell to George Michel, Bocelli to Rachmaninov, music is my world.

Each one of the above has been included in one way or another in my books: classical music is a central theme of Whitestones, along with a garden where the heroine seeks solace. In Every Step of the Way, the music of the 1950s features prominently. Sisters in a villa on a Greek island and happenings at dawn are elements running through When Two Worlds Collide. When I’m writing novels I like to bring some of my favourite things into the narrative; the premise being “write about what you know”. Hopefully, the things that please me, will please my readers, too.


9 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things

  1. What a wonderful post! I have to admit that I was jealous when you mentioned holidays there with your sisters. I’ve always wanted to go. One day I will! In the meantime, I’ll have to live vicariously through you!

  2. I’m more of a sunset girl myself and the dawn chorus is annoyingly deafening in the summer here – but I’m with you on the travelling and lovely hot sunshine (although I love to tan in it!) and music (I love lots from rock, motown, pop, etc including the classic and opera) but my favorite of all is the music of Santana – it’s so good for dancing! I haven’t read your books yet, Kit – but I will and I’m looking forward to them even more so now!
    Janice xx

    • Thanks, Janice. I love sunsets too and we get some glorious ones here on the west coast. Aaah Santana, brilliant music. Sambi Parti a real emotional puller. I have very eclectic taste in music. Must do a blog on music soon, methinks. Take care.

  3. That’s a lovely list of favourite things, Kit. I would dearly love to see Andrea Bocelli in concert – he is one of my favourite singers and his album Cielli di Toscana is my go-to comfort music. I love Greece as well, having lived there for a year, but I don’t get the chance to go back very often. I think it’s sad that next year will be your last girls’ holiday together but you’ll have good memories of the ones you will have had.

    • Thank you, Kath. My all time thing would love to do is to take my sisters and Mum for a holiday in Italy and to see Andrea Bocelli in an outdoor concert on a summer moonlit evening. Perhaps one day perchance to dream…

  4. Absolutely…I take it you are describing a little piece of England? Sounds like the outskirts of London, the M25 corridor. Perhaps it is only my imagination, bit I feel as though, from your tactile description, I know the place!

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